Key dates

The LODI GROUP now employs a total of 65 people, with a headquarters in Grand-Fougeray (Ille-et-Vilaine), a showroom in Paris, sales teams all over France and a subsidiary in the UK. Here are some highlights of this great adventure – ongoing for over thirty years now.

1982: LODI was founded by Robert Lockman. The company marketed products to treat stored foodstuffs.

1995: Launch of the business on the Pest Control market (insect control, rodent control and disinfection).

1996: LODI bought out the certified rodent control product formulator laboratory PALMERO in Rousset (Bouches-du-Rhône).

1997: LODI moved to Grand-Fougeray (Brittany) and expanded its production capacity.

„1998: Creation of the Research & Development laboratory.

„2002: LODI bought out CGB (Compagnie Générale des Biocides), thereby becoming market leader in Pest Control in France.

„2003: LODI acquired a new production facility (rodenticide pastes) in MILAN, transferred to Grand Fougeray in the same year.

„2004: LODI acquired a rodent control block manufacturing unit in Belgium, transferred to Grand Fougeray in the same year.

2005: LODI UK was set up, with offices and warehouses located in Kingswinford..

„2009: BPL (Best Laboratory Practice) certification awarded.

„2010: Launch of the Livestock Farming department

2010: Signature of the Responsible Care charter.

2011: LODI’s first submission of a chemical for EU approval (Alpha-chloralose).

„2012: LODI celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and became the LODI GROUP.


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