Lodi Group, Grand-Fougeray


The Lodi Group's headquarters are located in Grand Fougeray. The site has two production facilities, one for rodent control products and the other for insecticides.

Staff at Grand Fougeray

There are some 25 people working in the different departments at our headquarters in Grand-Fougeray. The offices house the administrative, sales, export, marketing and regulatory departments. Our laboratory is also located on this site, and all our products are developed there.

Our production facilities

There are two buildings devoted to production. The first has 4,000 sqm of space, with some fifteen people working on the manufacture of rodent control products. Our equipment can produce granules, paste and blocks, with 3,000 sqm of space devoted to production and storage.

The second production unit, with a surface area of 1,400 sqm, specializes in insecticide packaging. Five people work there, with an automatic packaging line for filling bottles and drums. The building also includes a storage area for liquid products and sprays.

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