Key dates in innovation for the Lodi Group

Innovation Lodi Group

These major milestones denote changes ushered in by the Lodi Group in recent years. Some great new features will be appearing in this list very soon – but they're still under wraps for now!

1998   Withdrawal of glycol ether based solvents from formulations. 2000 

2000   Replacement of flammable aromatic solvents by aqueous formulations.

2005   Creation of the PHOBI range: professional products presenting fewer hazards for humans.

„2006   Formulation of products in water-soluble doses, reducing packaging waste.

2008   Formulation of etofenprox-based doses, an active substance that is not listed as hazardous for humans.

„2009  Studies performed on an active substance as an alternative rodent control product: alpha-chloralose.

2010   First alpha-chloralose encapsulation patent filed.

„2011   Research commenced on a new type of bait for rodents.

2013   Studies performed on a natural pyrethrum-based insecticide; EU dossier filed in August 2013.

2014   New research into 100% natural insecticides.


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