Our watchword: INNOVATION

Innovation is one of the Lodi Group's priorities, backed by a Research and Development department that is constantly engaged in strategic thinking.

The heart of our approach

Our formulations are regularly used in new products to meet the changing needs of professionals in their day-to-day business and to comply with changing legislation. Stringent quality tests and meticulous compliance with regulations in force ensure our products deliver optimum reliability end effectiveness.

We formulate and manufacture most of our ranges, giving us end-to-end control of the production process, enabling our staff to be highly responsive to clients and provide effective technical and sales support.

Constant business intelligence

The creation of any new product involves demanding intelligence work beforehand. The environment in which the Lodi Group works is dense and sometimes complex, not only in terms of regulations, but also when it comes to formulations and changing processes. Our team is there to ensure that standards, approvals and legislation in general are all understood and applied.

This stage is a necessary prerequisite – and a vital framework for any new product development or modification.

Working closely together across departments.

The Lodi Group philosophy is to involve all our teams in developments. We have a flat organizational structure, including all departments in new projects. The R&D department and sales teams are the driving force behind innovations, but as these progress, they will involve the regulatory department and the lab, as well as marketing and production. Getting everyone on board in this way delivers the best, most reliable product possible – and meets the expectations of professionals on the ground.

Being client-centred

At the Lodi Group, each development of a new solution includes an essential focal point: the client’s need. Whenever we innovate, we do so according to a need expressed by professionals on the ground.


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