A connected team

Nothing relevant can be achieved without healthy relationships with professional partners, and there's nothing like feedback from professionals on the ground. That’s why we’re in constant contact with these different players, nurturing ties based on mutual trust.

Attentive to the final user

The Lodi Group's laboratory is in constant contact with its clients and relies on real-world feedback to adjust its existing formulations and create new ones, focusing on the changing needs and working methods of pest control.

The laboratory also provides a range of support functions:

  • Support for regulatory issues
  • Technical advice on products and their applications
  • Conducting field trials
  • Training in the use of products and changes in legislation


Active in professional associations

The Lodi Group has formed a network of close relationships with major partners in the profession, both in France and across Europe as a whole.

France :

  • CS3D (French Pest Control professionals’ union)
  • UPJ (French union of companies for the protection of public parks and gardens)
  • UIC (French chemical industry union)

Europe :

  • CEPA (Animal Population and Species Conservation)
  • CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council)


The Lodi Group also sits on the board of the CS3D, representing the college of French formulators.


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