The Lodi Group laboratory

A team dedicated to innovation

The Lodi Group's Research and Development lab team is made up as follows:

  • 2 chemists specializing in formulation
  • 1 chemical engineer specializing in analytical development
  • 3 chemists and biologists specializing in regulations

Each team develops new rodent control products, insecticides and disinfectants. Research into innovative types of formulation involves trials whose quality and traceability are certified by 'Bonnes Pratiques de Laboratoire’ Best Laboratory Practice accreditation (BPL). Our systematic studies of product stability and analytical dosing are conducted to ensure optimum efficacy and compliance of our formulations.

The lab work also involves constant optimization of existing formulations and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, in collaboration with the production team.

Recognized laboratory standards

The Lodi Group laboratory has COFRAC Best Laboratory Practice certification, providing official recognition of the way work is conducted there.The certification covers all organizational and operational aspects relating to the performance of trials.


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