Lodi Group International

Lodi Group International operates in several sectors: public health, livestock, and consumer.

Backed by the Lodi Group’s position as market leader in France, the international team offers a wide range of solutions to international clients seeking a high-quality offer in rodent and insect control products. We're keen to build lasting partnerships grounded in the development of a portfolio of appropriate products.

Facts and figures

Lodi Group International includes some 80 partners in over 40 countries worldwide (French overseas departments and territories, Europe, Africa, etc.)

Lodi Group International has around 400 products registered in the different countries in which the Lodi Group operates. We offer our clients bespoke solutions tailored as closely as possible to the needs of local markets.

This broad product portfolio comes in various forms, some of which are marketed under the Lodi Group’s own brands such as PHOBI, DIGRAIN or RACAN and INSECTAN, while others are sold our clients’ own brand names, depending on the needs and goals in question.

Our team at your service

Behind all the support our company provides to clients in the form of regulatory, research & development, logistics and other assistance, Lodi Group International is first and foremost a team dedicated to designing and implementing optimum solutions for its partners.

We're constantly investing to expand our portfolio, whenever and wherever our clients are keen to see our product offer develop. Thanks to extensive experience in the fields of marketing and regulations (including registration processes, certifications, and so on), we make sure our solutions are made available and marketed as quickly as possible.
e our portfolio in regard of the Biocidal Product Regulations  to ensure the continuity of the business for our partners.

In collaboration with the Lodi Group's Research and Development department, we monitor our portfolio on a daily basis, in strict compliance with regulations on biocides, so as to ensure the long-term future of the offering put in place by our partners.

In practice, we go to see our clients on site, supporting them and identifying their needs and specific issues on their respective markets as accurately as possible. With them, we participate in major international events (trade shows, exhibitions, etc.), promoting the offer that's been developed together.

Our mission is in line with our commitment: firmly focused on our partners and supporting their growth targets. Our aim is clear and simple – offering the best solutions in a constantly changing environment.


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