Our core business: pest control

A European leader in Pest Control

Our wide range of products for insect and rodent control, health, and bird control deliver solutions suitable for pest control companies, local authorities and building professionals, for all types of pest control issues. We have solutions for any type of problem, environment and degree of infestation.

We pursue this goal backed by all the experience of our sales teams, who provide personalized, on-site advice to our clients on a daily basis.

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30 years' experience serving grain industry professionals

The Lodi Group’s technicians, engineers and our entomology specialist are all at your service to perform audits and identify quick solutions to deal with grain-destroying insects. We carry out on-site inspections to identify the sources and specific factors giving rise to contamination – and how best to neutralize them.

We offer quick, targeted solutions to optimize the performance of your facilities and cut the costs incurred when there are grain-destroying pests that have not been properly identified – and consequently, not been dealt with.

We can also help you to implement quality procedures, providing you with sustainable, long-term benefits once our work is done.

We take particular care to ensure our audits and inspections are based on a genuine skills transfer approach. We also make sure our recommendations are fully taken on board by your employees, delivering long-lasting results.

Are you working in farming, storage, or the food industry? Find out more about our pest control methods and protect your grain assets.

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An expert in hygiene serving livestock breeders

The Lodi Group is based in Brittany, France – a region that’s home to a large number of livestock farms of many different types. We produce top-of-the-range, French made products, geared to the everyday needs of local farmers.

The Livestock Farming team's attentiveness and advice are at the heart of the Lodi Group’s approach. We get to know the specific characteristics of each situation to provide tailored, effective and long-lasting solutions. We make sure you know how to use our products properly, depending on the characteristics of each working environment, so as to get the very best results.

Our extensive product ranges allow us to deliver relevant solutions for controlling the various types of rodent and insect pests on farms.

The Lodi Group’s Livestock Farming products help provide a better working environment in livestock buildings and ensure that the animals have a healthy environment.

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