Lodi Group

The LODI GROUP has been one of the major leaders on the pest control market in France for over thirty years, and is also a prime player internationally. We provide our expertise and solutions to assist professionals in three sectors of business: public hygiene, protection of stored foodstuffs and livestock farming.

A diversified offering meeting specific needs

The Lodi Group specializes in insect and rodent control products, and offers broad product ranges to deal with the different types of issue faced by its clients. Our products are precisely targeted to deal with each different type of pest, as well as being tailored to the environment and conditions in which they are used.

Working to preserve our environment

It's important for chemicals to be a genuine instrument of progress. The Lodi Group is committed, on a daily basis, to devising innovative solutions that help protect the human environment.  Controlling all forms of pest is an essential, inseparable component of this major challenge for the future, both in France and in the rest of the world – particularly in developing countries, where public health and hygiene in general have become a vital issue, and a key component of progress.

Formulators, manufacturers and distributors

We formulate and manufacture most of our ranges, giving us end-to-end control of the production process, enabling our staff to be highly responsive to clients and providing effective technical and sales support. Our comprehensive knowledge of the markets allows us to offer the best solution for each situation.



Focusing on innovation

Backed by a well-informed Research and Development department, the LODI GROUP has made innovation its key priority. Our formulas are regularly used in new products to meet the changing needs of professionals in their day-to-day business. Stringent quality tests and meticulous compliance with regulations in force ensure our products deliver optimum reliability end effectiveness.


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