Crop protection

Lodi Group: serving grain industry professionals

Lodi Group provides products and equipment to protect stored foodstuffs, for storage organizations, farm storage and agri-businesses.

32 years of ingenuity and pioneering to serve cereal industry professionals

The Lodi Group leads the way in many different fields, thanks to its knowledge of the sector’s business and demands, developing innovative solutions that have revolutionized working practices.

A pioneering company...

The Lodi Group was the first company to offer its clients 1000-litre containers, and was also a forerunner in the marketing of dust-free insecticides and synthetic pyrethroid-based products using K-Obiol.

As well as our product portfolio, the technical advances and maintenance contracts we have established represent major progress in our partnerships with clients, ensuring a close watch is kept on installations.

All of these innovative solutions facilitate and optimize the work of professionals on the ground, every day.

...delivering solutions that meet your needs

The Lodi Group works alongside farmers, storage organizations and the food industry right from harvest to protect your grain assets. We’ve been doing so for the past 32 years – and the adventure goes on as together, we strive for even greater success in the future!

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