Lodi Group, standing with livestock farmers

The Lodi Group is based in Brittany, France – a region that’s home to a large number of livestock farms of many different types. We produce top-of-the-range, French made products, geared to the everyday needs of local farmers.

...for the treatment of livestock buildings

The Lodi Group provides products for professionals to treat livestock buildings against pests, whatever the type of livestock farming involved: pigs, poultry, laying hens, cattle, sheep and goats, etc.
Certain products are strictly for professional use. Others, such as those in the RACAN and INSECTAN ranges, are aimed at both professionals and the general public, depending on the packaging used.


A team at your service...

The Livestock team’s attentiveness and advice are at the heart of our approach. We get to know the specific characteristics of each situation to provide tailored, effective and long-lasting solutions. We make sure you know how to use our products properly, depending on the characteristics of each working environment, so as to get the very best results.

Our extensive product ranges allow us to deliver relevant solutions for controlling the various types of rodent and insect pests on farms.

...for a protected environment

The Lodi Group’s Livestock products help provide a better working environment in livestock buildings and ensure that the animals have a healthy environment.

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