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Lodi Group A European leader in Pest Control

The LODI GROUP has been one of the foremost leaders on the pest control market for over thirty years. On the strength of its experience, constant attention to innovation and an acclaimed, diverse product portfolio, the Lodi Group is the trusted supplier to a large number of partners, distributors and Pest Control professionals in France, Europe and worldwide.

Tailored advice – and solutions to every problem

Our wide range of products for insect and rodent control, hygiene and bird control deliver the right solution for any problem, type of environment and degree of infestation. We pursue this goal backed by all the experience of our sales teams, who provide personalized, on-site advice to our clients on a daily basis.

A diversified offering

Do you work for a pest control service provider (rodent control, insect control, disinfection) or local authority? Find out more about our offering of products and services now!

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