BLACK PEARL, the extreme solution against mice !


Alphachloralose : a unique substance !

BLACK PEARL contains an active ingredient with amazing properties against mice. Unlike traditional anticoagulants currently on the market, Alphachloralose is a powerful hypnotic agent, and one that works in just a few hours. The poison sends the mice to sleep, gradually slowing their metabolism until they slip into a coma, followed by death. Single application needed for lethal dose. BLACK PEARL's extreme effectiveness brings mouse problem under control in 1-3 days, compared to the 7-10 days it takes anticoagulants. Alphachloralose is an active ingredient that bypasses the mice's traditional resistance to anticoagulants.

Micro-encapsulation for extreme effectiveness

Micro-capsulation protects the active ingredient, controls the release of the poison, and increases its bioavailability in a given environment.

Dual effect micro-capsulation :

  • Capsulation isolates the Alphachloralose and masks its bitter taste that mice can be wary of.
  • Active Capsulation Technology targets the release of the poison within the rodent's body. The capsules containing the lethal substance become active following ingestion, in the animal'a intestine where its defence mechanisms are most vulnerable.
  • Capsulation guarantees a product's effectiveness even in high temperatures.

BLACK PEARL, less product, higher effectiveness

A mouse only needs to consume a very small amount of BLACK PEARL to receive the lethal dose. 0,15g of bait is enough to kill a 20g mouse, whereas the same mouse would need to eat 2-7 times more of a traditional anticoagulant. Death occurs within just a few hours, consumed over no more than 1-2 days, as opposed to anticoagulants that can take up to 11 days.

BLACK PEARL GRAIN is available in two varieties. BLACK PEARL GRAIN comes in 10g individual sachets of oats packaged inside a 1kg bucket.

BLACK PEARL PASTA comes in 10g indidual sachets of fresh pasta packaged in a 1kg bucket.

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