Rodenticide ranges by LODI GROUP

Nouvelle gamme LODI GROUP

Discover the new look of the RUBIS, JADE and SAPHIR ranges by LODI GROUP, as well as two newcomers, KRYPTO and BLACK PEARL.

Irresistible inside, visible outside!

Lodi have reviewed the RUBIS, JADE and SAPHIR rodenticides packaging. The LODI GROUP ranges are always colour coded according to the active substance in each product: Red for the Difenacoum (RUBIS), Green for the Bromadiolone (JADE) and Blue for Brodifacoum (SAPHIR).

With this new look, the LODI GROUP brings a young and elegant design to a range of increasingly effective rodenticide products.

New products worth learning more about

Some new names can be added to these rodenticide ranges: KRYPTO for Placebo products with UV tracker and BLACK PEARL for baits based on Alphachloralose.

Clear and coherent lines providing better readability of the growing rodenticide offer available from LODI GROUP.

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