Audit, implementation, maintenance

Audits and inspections

The Lodi Group’s technicians, engineers and our entomology specialist are all at your service to perform audits and identify quick solutions to deal with grain-destroying insects. We carry out on-site inspections to identify the sources and specific factors giving rise to contamination – and how best to neutralize them.

We offer quick, targeted solutions to optimize the performance of your facilities and cut the costs incurred when there are grain-destroying pests that have not been properly identified – and consequently, not been dealt with.

We can also help you to implement quality procedures, providing you with sustainable, long-term benefits once our work is done.

We take particular care to ensure our audits and inspections are based on a genuine skills transfer approach. We also make sure our recommendations are fully taken on board by your employees, delivering long-lasting results.

Machine development

The Lodi Group, together with its technical team, have been designing equipment for the insect control of cereals and storage premises.

Furthermore, outside of standard equipment, the technical service can suggest and develop tailor-made equipment suited to our clients' specific requirements, both in France and abroad.

Implementation, maintenance and after-sales service

To assist our clients with their procedures, Lodi Group offers annual or biannual maintenance agreements for the inspection of equipment, to ensure that there is no doubt as to the quantities of insecticide sprayed, thus combining effectiveness with a  product supply complying with standards.

A Certificate of Conformity (COC) is given to the client after every inspection and check.

At least 5 technicians in France are in charge of implementing new equipment and servicing it, either through maintenance contracts, or on the basis of emergency calls from clients.


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