The Lodi Group’s quality procedure

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The Lodi Group operates an ongoing improvement policy aimed at achieving optimum quality. The ISO 9001 management principles are foundational to the Lodi Group’s quality philosophy.

Client satisfaction

To ensure client satisfaction and loyalty, the quality of our products and service offering is at the heart of our concerns and strategy.  Over and above abstract values, the Lodi Group's relationship with our clients and our constant aim of customer satisfaction embody a genuine work ethic on our part.

Everyone is committed

Each person in the Lodi Group contributes to the ongoing improvement of our quality standards, in a pro-active approach that starts at the top and involves each and every department.  The quest for the best possible quality of service is enshrined in a quality statement that records the commitment of the Lodi Group's management.

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Quality and customer satisfaction are dependent on the proper control and optimization of all our processes.  From production to the laboratory, from the regulations and marketing departments at Grand-Fougeray through to the sales teams on the ground in France and abroad, each employee is fully aware of quality issues – and each of them contributes to our requirement of continuous improvement

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In addition, the Lodi Group believes quality involves taking care of our employees, facilitating their skills development and fulfilment.  Attentiveness to our employees and their satisfaction is a core principle for us – not least because they too contribute to our joint commitment, and thus to customer satisfaction.

Quality guarantees

  • The Lodi Group is 'BPL’ (Best Laboratory Practice) certified for physical and chemical analysis, as described in French Environmental Code Article D523-8 Annexe II and in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) publications.

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  • Since 2013, the Lodi Group has had Certiphyto accreditation for the distribution of phytopharmaceutical products to professional users.

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