The Lodi Group and regulations

Our specialist regulations' team maintains a constant watch, staying informed of changes in regulations and providing advice and assistance to our clients.

Daily monitoring of regulatory changes

Our team is fanatical about making sure the products we market directly and indirectly under our clients’ brands observe regulatory compliance.

The regulations team is also in charge of drawing up and publishing the Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets for each product.


By your side

Prior to the marketing of any new product, the regulatory department compiles French, EU and non-EU marketing authorization applications.

The regulations team provides our clients with customized advice, particularly for new product launches, helping with mandatory declarations and assisting with labelling.

There are a great many annual declarations, and each is meticulously monitored: for the French Ministry of Ecology (inventory, declaration of quantities), Import/Export, the French poisons information service via the Synapse portal, etc.

In addition, we check product and raw materials compliance with REACH regulations.


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