LODIGROUP and sailing

A human adventure

Our sailing adventure began with an encounter between two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, when LODIGROUP Chairman Alexis Lockman and fishing fleet owner Loïc Escoffier met at a France-New Zealand rugby international some fifteen years ago.

United both by their keen interest in the game and their shared values, they decided to take up a new challenge together: the construction of a catamaran decked out in the colours of LODIGROUP.

«Loïc and I have known each other for some fifteen years now. During a chance conversation one day, I asked him whether he would be up to taking part in the Route du Rhum transatlantic yacht race again. He said he would, provided the project was sound. That gave me the idea of supporting him. We went to try out some boats together, and then decided to build this all-new catamaran.

Loïc is a straightforward, highly-motivated person who’s committed in everything he does. Lodigroup identifies with all of these values; I’m sure Loïc will know how to engage all our employees alongside him in this sailing adventure!»

Alexis Lockman, chairman of LODIGROUP

Voile LODI GROUP 2022

extends its commitments to sport

Our new project with yachtsman Loïc Escoffier marks a further, meaningful commitment to sport, promoting values of personal achievement, humility, and cohesion – values that are especially dear to us.

Our skipper

Loïc Escoffier

Loïc Escoffier is highly approachable and a straight talker – as one might expect from those who never beat around the bush in the certain knowledge that there’s far too much to be done to waste any time. A sailor, dad, entrepreneur, and rugby enthusiast, the 40-year-old native of Saint Malo has certainly got busy living.