The boat

The LODIGROUP catamaran

Built by Marsaudon Composites, Lorient, Lodigroup’s ORC 50 is a fast cruising catamaran that combines sailing performance and comfort.

An ideal vessel to host guests and introduce them to the joys of ocean sailing, the Lodigroup catamaran will also be a piece of highly competitive hardware for Loïc Escoffier. On board, the Saint Malo-based mariner hopes to be among the winning yachtsmen.

«The boat is basically a fast cruising catamaran with an average speed of 12-13 knots and a maximum speed of up to 30kts. We’ve completely gutted the interior and optimised the sails, the size of the mast, and added carbon fibre where needed, with the aim of shedding weight and thus enhancing performance. A lighter vessel also means less physical effort for the skipper – a factor that could make that vital bit of difference compared to my competitors.»

Loïc Escoffier


Le Design

© Jean-Baptiste Epron

Technical details

Naval architect

Christophe Barreau






1,70 m


23,05 m

Mast height

20 m

Sail area

Mainsail: 93 m²

Genoa (overlapping J1): 68 m²

J2: 40 m²

J3: 20m²

Code 0: 100m²

Spinnaker: 255m²


Our skipper

Loïc Escoffier

Loïc Escoffier is highly approachable and a straight talker – as one might expect from those who never beat around the bush in the certain knowledge that there’s far too much to be done to waste any time. A sailor, dad, entrepreneur, and rugby enthusiast, the 40-year-old native of Saint Malo has certainly got busy living.